Chai & Just Chat session discusses interpersonal relationships

Atlanta, GA, November 9, 2018: The topic for the October 6th Chai & Just Chat session was “Interpersonal Relationships: Cultural Conditioning, Challenging, Conflicting and Cooperating”. This session was held in collaboration with Banyan way. Moderated by Nazeera Dawood, the monthly Chai & Just Chat sessions focus on advocacy, communication, education, and action oriented honest dialogues among professionals, community advocates & experts.
The October 6th Chai and Just Chat panelists discussed the impact of cultural heritage on relationships among first and second-generation immigrants. Aparna Baskar of BanyanWay, an organization that helps Indian-Americans find a match for marriage, talked about communication gap between parents and adult children, social media, technology red flags and familial cultural impact on interpersonal relationships.

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