Chai - a word for tea in numerous languages.
Just - behaving according to what is morally right and fair.
Chat - to talk in an informal or familiar manner.


Chai & Just Chat is designed to encourage discussion on health, financial, communications and varied topics for the life and health of a person or family. Planning for the unexpected is difficult but ensures security for our communities. Subject matter experts discuss and answer questions on the specifics themes for the event. These sessions bring various experts and community members together to discuss action items for the current challenging situations.


Our monthly community Chai & just Chats tends to advance the field of humanitarian efforts through interactions among professionals, community advocates & experts and shared resources while focusing on advocacy, communication, education, and action oriented dialogues.


The power of public dialogue between subject matter experts and consumers will offer thoughts and wisdom on deep understanding of topics that is sometimes not discussed.


We launched the Chai & just Chat in Georgia, USA on August 11, 2019. Chai & just Chats are being launched globally. We have shown two years of monthly panel discussions benefitting communities in various ways.


Our past events have been successful in achieving the goals and quality attendance who wish to make an impact in the community.